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Recommended Models

Here are some of the most popular model airplanes. You may want to get a good reference book to go with your model kit.

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1) The P51-D Mustang was arguably the best single-seat fighter of World War 2.  It was flown by such iconic heroes as Chuck Yeager, and the Tuskegee Airmen.  Outfitted with extra gas tanks, it was the first fighter that could accompany long range bombers deep into Axis territory.

The Tamiya kit on our website is flawless and builds into an outstanding model.  It can be finished in "bare-metal" which really adds a bright spot to any display case.  We used Bare-Metal Foil for the actual model on our homepage, which is time-consuming but gives a very realistic look.  Alclad can also be used which is a bit easier to apply (spray). 


2) The Spitfire is thought to be one of the most beautiful airplanes ever built.  It has graceful curves and an elliptical wing.  Despite its looks, it was extremely effective in aerial combat.  Herman Goering of the Luftwaffe famously wished out loud for a "squadron of Spitfires".  Anyone who's seen the film Battle of Britain will instantly recognize the Spitfire. 

The Mark Vb was a descendant of those early B of B airplanes.  The Tamiya model shown on our pages is flawless and has great detail.  We found the kit to be high quality and easy to assemble, which leaves you with more time to concentrate on the fun part: painting and weathering.


3) The Corsair has an unmistakable profile due to its bent wing.  The wing design was needed to raise the fuselage higher to accommodate that huge propeller.  This was another very effective airplane, and was known by its opponents on the ground as "Whistling Death", due to the sound it made in a dive.  This aircraft was operated by the U.S. Navy and the Marines in the Pacific theater of the war.
We built the kit by Tamiya of the F4U-1D version. We were delighted by the excellent quality of the kit. The wings can be posed folded if you like, and the flaps can be lowered. The kit comes with a neat pilot figure that can be posed standing on the wing outside the cockpit.

The Corsair was made famous (for the second time) by the TV show Baa Baa Black Sheep, starring Robert Conrad.  The show is a must watch for Corsair and/or Pacific war buffs.


4) The FW190 became known as the "Butcher Bird".   A very effective opponent of the Allied aircraft, it outperformed earlier Spitfires until the arrival of the Mark IX.

The FW190-A3 offering by Tamiya is their typical accurate, highly detailed and well-engineered kit.  Comes with decal options for 3 different aircraft.


5) The Zero was the premier Japanese fighter at the start of the war. 

The Hasegawa kit of the Type 21 is of an early Zero version.  The model has recessed panel lines (the Tamiya kit in the same scale is an older design, and has some raised panel lines).  



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