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Reference Books

Your airplane model building experience will be enriched by good reference books. These books serve many purposes:

1) You can better visualize the "real thing".
2) You'll understand the different versions of the aircraft that were built.
3) You can see the paint jobs that different airplanes had.
4) The operational wear and tear, or weathering, will become apparent.
5) You'll appreciate the environment and surroundings in which they operated.
6) You'll understand what the pilots and crew went through.
7) Reference books provide inspiration for scenic settings, or dioramas.

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World War 2 is perhaps the most-studied conflict in human history, so many good reference books exist. Some of the best ones for the airplane model builder are by Squadron Signal Publications, their "In Action" series.

Each book focuses on a specific airplane, e.g. Spitfire in Action. We have several books in this series and consult the appropriate book before building a model.

The books are softcover and open up flat easily, so they can be readily placed on a workbench.

There is lots of detailed historical info, photos of the airplanes in service, and two pages of color illustrations in the middle of the book.

These books are a great value for the money, and make for enjoyable reading for any airplane enthusiast.

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